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Battle Captains is a progressive game of company level combat in the age of mechanization. The game is designed to be flexible enough to allow players to recreate any battle or period from the Spanish Civil War forward. The heart of the game is intended to replicate the feeling of being a combat officer trying to implement their will upon the battlefield amidst the myriad of distractions and complications that arise at the kinetics of command. Rather than just a shoot‑'em‑up style wargame, Battle Captains is a game that focuses on making the players make decisions, react to situations out of their control, and learn to adapt to the ever changing world of tactical combat.

As is the standard with Battlespace Publishing Products, Battle Captains is free to all players along with any of its associated documentation. Anyone may download, play, and distribute Battle Captains at any time.

Battle Captains is supported by Battlemaker, a software tool that allows players to create armies, companies, vehicles, and sections for use in their games. All files and tools are located on our servers and are accessible from any internet connection. Once a player creates a resource in Battlemaker they can download the PDF of that resource for use offline in their games.

Players who opt not to purchase access to the Battlemaker software can still utilise it to a limited degree through the public system. Any army or unit that is listed as public is searchable by both paid accounts and browsing non-paying customers without an account. Any player can access Battlemaker and search through public files and download their PDFs.